How does ecoGG work?

ecoGG is a Google-powered search engine that helps save valuable energy through its mainly black design. At ecoGG we follow the concept proposed by the environmental awareness blog that a 'black Google would save 750 Megawatts a year.'

The idea is that regular monitors require '74 watts to display an all white web page, but only uses 59 watts to display an all black page.' Considering the huge amount of search queries that hit Google every day, a black Google search engine would save a good amount of energy.

ecoGG encourages everyone to contribute a small part in saving energy by using ecoGG as their standard search engine. You'll still get the same great Google results, just in a more energy efficient way. Please also tell your friends about ecoGG or mention us in emails or blogs.

Help us save our planet search by search!